Boxing forms of Chen Taijiquan


The fist forms are the basic of all traditional Chinese martial arts. This kind of training promotes the strength, endurance, concentration, flexibility, and drills all the basic skills which are needed in the partner exercises and in the fighting application.

18 movements by Chen Zhenglei
short form made from the old frame's 1. form

19 movements by Chen Xiaowang
short form within some interesting variations

38 movements by Chen Xiaowang
short but complex form, with elements from old- and new frames

laojia yilu - old frame's 1. form by Chen Changxing (14. generation)
the traditionell long form in 75 movements. It is mainly practiced slowly but also contains some explosive movements (fajing). laojia erlu paochui- old frame's

laojia erlu - old frame's 2. form (cannon fist) by Chen Changxing (14. generation)
this form consists mainly of explosive movements (fajing) and forms the counterpart to the first form.

xinjia yilu - new frame's 1. form by Chen Fake (17. generation)
A more complex interpretation of the 1. form in old frame.

xinjia erlu - new frame's 2. form (cannon fist) by Chen Fake (17. Generation)
A more complex and longer interpretation of the 2. form in old frame.  
We are focused on the teaching of laojia yilu and erlu (the old way)