Partner exercises - Tuishou


Tuishou ist the basic of the Taiji-partner exercises. With these exercises, the students expanded their knowledge with partners to learn and understand the practical application of Taijiquan and Theiß principles. The 8 basic technics of tuishou Are: peng (ward Off), lu (roll back), ji (press), an (push), cai (pull down), lie (split), zhou (elbow) and kao (shoulder). There Are also: teng (strike from the bottom up), shan (evade from top to down), zhe (turn), kong (emptiness), und huo (agility). Later the student can use this principles in the free fight (san shou), if he wants to. Tuishou is teaching us sensitivity, which make it easy to recognize the intention of the opponent by mere touch.This ability needs a solid basic of the Taijiquan principles, which we are gaining through the practise of basic exercises and forms.

The 5 routines of Taiji Tuishou

single hand Tuishou - dan shou tuishou
easy exercise with one hand to learn the first 4 basic technics

double hand Tuishou without steps - shuang shou ding bu tui shou
this is the traditional way of tuishou with both hands and without steps

Tuishou with fixed steps - huo bu tuishou or jing yi tui yi
a variation of the double hand exercise with a forward and backward step

big pull back - da lu
huo bu tuishou in very low position

Tuishou with free steps - luan cai hua
tuishou with free steps, in the beginning there are also fixed steps, the steps should be light and fast