Silk reeling - Chan Si Jin


With the silk realing exercises, the practitioner can optimally internalize the essence of the movement theory contained in Taijiquan.

Each exercise consists of no more than 4 partial movements, which can be repeated in an endless cycle to internalize the 3 types of movement of Taijiquan. These are assigned to all rotation possibilities of the center ("from one side to the other", "from back to front or vice versa" and the combination of the first two types of movement).

In doing so, one exercises the interaction of the entire body, Qi and Yi (Attention). Furthermore, with these exercises you refine every smallest movement until an efficient, relaxed and flowing action is created.

Silk reeling is the principle of movement in Taijiquan and can be found in every exercise of this style. The various forms are seen here as a silk reeling game in countless variations and levels of difficulty.