Weapon forms of Chen Taijiquan


The weapons were, the strength training exercises of Taijiquan. In addition, these forms require a higher skill and the ability to expand the connection to an article. Of course, in ancient times, these forms were the basis of armed self-defense.

Saber - dan dao
a short and dynamic form with a saber

Sword - dan jian
like the 1. fist form there is a high skilled interaction between liquid and explosive movements

Double Saber - shuang dao
a longer form using 2 Sabers

Double Sword - shuang jian
the most part derived from the double saber form

Spear / Pole - qiang / gun
a long and complex form using a pole or spear

Halbert - guan dao / da dao
the heaviest weapon of Taijiquan

long pole - da gun
A shorts form (13 movements) using a very long pole.

This Exercises is a traditional way of fajin training.


We regular offer teaching classes for saber, sword and pole/spear